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Notes: Friday the 28th of March will probably not have a new comic upload as I'll be unavailable.
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Web Comics.
While One Moment After the End, is my main comic and the one I spend the most effort on regular updates. I also have a number of secondary comics. These smaller stories tend to have a simple subject either as a one shot or a limited series.

One Moment After the End what would happen if Heaven was built by commity
Plot driven, semi science fiction, warning adult content and frequent nudity.
New Aliens A trio of humans are kidnapped and tranfromed into alien bodies. Lots and lots of nudity and adult situations.
Knight 1 Knight is my first 'pure' erotica strip. It introduces Sir Jake, his king and the Gnome Uruche.
Knight 2 Knight was so 'successful' that I decided to revisit the characters. While Knight was just an excuse for some fetish erotica, Knight 2, is trying to be more of a real story. Its not finished yet, so we'll how far it goes.
Clearing the Prisons This is a really 'wild' one shot comic, that take it way over the top. It's very adult in more than one way. The number of warnings would be many and spoil the plot. Just say that if your easily disturbed, then stay away.