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Unicorn Point
A AD&D Module. Both in Text and a 'click though' adventure game format.
Out Jogging
A segment of a monster story. Adult situations.
Encounter in Town
Adult situations. A more romantic story, where two old friends get reacquainted though old hurts and suspicions still linger.
Adult situations. A somewhat silly and disconnected story fragment about a evil lab where people are turned to stone. They are rescued by masked winged avenger who only wears a mask and nothing else.
Adult situations. A still life, where a cat girl is about to learn that she will soon become part of the still life.
Adult situations. A pair of young people explore and old military base and discover the army had left behind a dangerous mutant experiment. Involves strange vor.
Adult situations. A more or less complete 'comic' about three friends who are 'kidnapped' to become the new ambassadors for Earth for an alien empire. They need to have their bodies re-configured to survive in the alien world. One complication, the only available 're-configuration' machine was built by a bunch of interstellar space slavers. The new ambassadors will have to deal with some of the side effects the slavers added for their own purposes.
Garden Story
Adult situations. A more or less complete 'comic' a lucky fox gets invited for some intimate fun in the garden of his dream girl. But his partner has some garden improvement plans, and they have nothing to do with racking leaves or pulling weeds.
Tomb Raid
Adult situations. A story segment about a pair of interplanetary archeology students on a field trip to a dead world. They are looking for the tomb of a mythological god. They find more than just ruins and must pay the price of entry.
Wulf Tag
Adult situation. A three page comic when two 'wulfs' (anthromorphic wolf like people) meet.
Buying a Slave
Adult situations. A rich man who never took the time to develope human relationships takes the easy way out. But doesn't get exactly what he expected.