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Furry Links
The Belfry
Best place for furry and other types of comics.
Flayrah.com A news service for Furry RL news and issues.
Yerf Great Furry art archive for PG and non adult art. (My stuff would never fit in there, but there are many MUCH better artists there)
VLC & VLC(mirror1)
VLC is another great furry art archive, optimized for speed browsing..
Furnation  One of the 'great granddad's of furry art archives. Many great artists here.
One of the first '3d' chat worlds, still going strong, even if the technology is now a bit dated.
A pure text chat envirment, one of the oldest and most important furry related worlds out there.
OnLine Comics
A large collection of online comics.
Political Links
This guy is so radical, he maybe on to something.
KurzweilAI.net "The Singularity"
'The Singularity' is this guys term for when AI becomes possible and the result is future computers becoming more 'intelegent' than we are. An interesting and likely true event. Though his time scale might be wronge.
Christmas Story
This site looks closely at the story of Christmas... But if you belive that the New Testament is the 'perfect word of god' then you will NOT like this page. But you might learn something.
The God Who was not there.
A movie that I wish more people would watch, with an open mind.
BBC Live 5
BBC debate board. One of the more active places I watch.
Worth Thinking about. NY Times artical Might be considered a spoiler.
Software Links
BBC Live 5
BBC debate board. One of the more active places I watch.
Yiffstar Adult furry art
Podcast Links
Feedburner Podcast
One of the ways the podcast version of OMAtE is posted.
Pod-Planet.com Feeds Pod_planet
Fiction Links
Heinlein Centennial Exhibits, tours, art about Robert A Heinlein Life
Group Links. Free Directory
Arakne-Links Directory 2 The Links
My father who is a retired scientist has written his first book for kids. It's a science fiction story, sort of in the style of 'The swift Family Robinson' a family travels to an already colonized Mars to prepare for an even longer journey to another star system. It's a bit of a travel log rather than an adventure story, its goal is to inspire younger children to think about life in space and what it might be like. Check it out, this might be a great book to start out a future science fiction reader.
http://arxiv.org/abs/math/0209332 A paper on the ideas of 'Hypercomputation' which is a core idea of my webcomic. Basicly my take is 'Hypercomputation' is to quantum computing, what quantum computing is to traditional computers. I personal use the idea that in classical quantum computers, you 'store' the data in alternative universe but the 'code' is still stuck in our limited time space. Much like the early computers had to be 'programmed' by re-wiring them. A quantum 'Hypercomputer' might be when we can put the 'code' in alternative universes with the data.
Outcast A Podcast Novel Outcast is a great story told in podcast format. Its about &qt Dalan Kalamar, a young aristocrat, finds himself stripped of his title, name, and family. Now an outcast from society, he is forced into a life of marginal living, manual labour, and avoiding the murderous intentions of people once considered his friends.&qt