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No, Erik in his previous life, he was not a real-estate agent.

Comic Number 0036
Notes: Friday the 28th of March will probably not have a new comic upload as I'll be unavailable.
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Text from this strip. Some formatting or words may change during editing.
Set: Erik is holding out some of the flyier and the two bears are stitting on the bench thinking.
Jolan: I guess what matters most to me is to be with my family.
Erik: Well, if it's going to be Maywater, of the various cities and towns on the island, I'd say either Springforest or Coastville would be your beat match. Springforest is a rural community, about 2200 people. Small town values which might make you feel at home, mostly farms but there are larger cities only a short drive out of town. Your house would be a small farmhouse on 20 or 30 acres of land maybe ten miles from town center.
Set: Closeup of Erik
Erik: Coastville is a larger city about 175,000 residents. Several shopping districts, dozens of regional schools and an active civic life. Your house would ab a 3 or 4 bedroom levit house with perhaps a quarter acre of land. Its your basic suburbs.
Set: Two shot of Jolan and Gerek
Jolan: Gerek, I grew up on a farm, but we always saied we would live in the city one day.
Gerek: I want you to be happy Jolan, in Chicago I got a taste of the suburbs, you'll need to learn to drive, will that be ok?
Jolan: I always wanted a car!
Erik: Then Coastville it is!
Gerek: (whispering) (Groan!) Do they have car insurane here?

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