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Comic Number 0337
Notes: Friday the 28th of March will probably not have a new comic upload as I'll be unavailable.
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Well folks its been a long journey . This is not necessary the end, but it is a pit stop. I.ve been making OMAtE for over 5 years now with over 336 pages. I.ve given up many a lunch hour for OMAtE but I have a number of new projects in the works that are going to eat up that time.
At least we.re not pausing on a cliff hanger. The bad guy(s) have been punished, the good guys are off doing their jobs and the world continues.
In time I hope get back to OMAtE. There are still lots of stories to explore, perhaps one of you might want to pen a idea or two? Well for now lets not call this the end, but rather an hiatus. Hopefully a short one.

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